The most healthy body

Human beings are spirit in a body and that means we come to Planet Earth and have to learn how to maintain our body and keep it in good health. There are literally billions of pages on the web, written about food, skin care, relaxation, stress reduction, and every week there are magazines giving us information on how to look great (according to who???), what to eat, how to exercise, what to wear.

The one and only conclusion of all this attention for how our body functions can only be that we do not know with our intellect how it works and actually think WE INFLUENCE PROCESSES EACH AND EVERY TIME WITH ONE LITTLE BIT OF INFORMATION. Instead of seeing the body as being a totality of billions of cells, microbes and spirit, keen on surviving, we treat it as an idiot that has to be protected from itself. The only thing a body needs to be protected from is US! It is very good at taking care of itself if only we let it do just that.

The one and only logical result of this bombarding with intellectual information can only be that we believe we are not good as we are and cannot trust our own sound judgement. It takes us away from our own Inner Knowing and makes us give our responsibility to people we do not know, who don’t know us and who make (a lot of) money in making other people believe they are the experts.

While in fact there is a part in ourselves that DOES know what to eat, when to move and how to maintain excellent health. Being in contact with our Essence Heart helps us discern what is right and what is not right for us, be it food, exercise, meditation, what to do or not to do, or whatever it is we need to know. The leading energy is our own conscience and the way we feel if something is okay or not is the presence or absence of our own Inner Peace. If we feel at ease with a decision we can actually be sure it is the RIGHT decision. If we do not feel at ease, if we do not feel inner peace (and we are sure it is not some old conviction we may want to let go) it is simply NOT RIGHT for us. If we go ahead with something that disturbs our peace we may want to learn something out of it, and there will be a point in time in the future that we’ll be totally fed up with doing that very thing. In listening to other people and handing over our responsibility we give away our power, loosing our very Life Force.

The bottom line is:



and all it takes is


If I find a simple method that makes a change in my overall health, I will post it on this page. It is up to you to decide (are you at peace with this or not?) whether you want to try  it out or not and to take responsibility for the outcome. “No” is a perfectly good answer!

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