De zaden van voorspoed brengen werkelijkheid-veranderende overvloed

Kernpunt van onderstaand artikel: er zijn zaadbanken opgezet waar alle zaden van de moederplanten worden bewaard om uit te kunnen zaaien als de “Monsanto’s” erin geslaagd zijn om alle voedingsgewassen te vervuilen met hun genetisch gemanipuleerde zaden en zich patenten op het genetisch erfgoed van de planeet hebben toegeëigend.

Ondertussen moet het volslagen duidelijk zijn dat we multinationals NOOIT verantwoordelijk kunnen maken voor onze voedselvoorziening en onze watervoorziening. Zij zijn alleen verantwoordelijk voor de winst om hun aandeelhouders tevreden te stellen en daar zijn ze ontegenzeggelijk erg goed in. Om hun macht te breken is er eigenlijk niet veel meer voor nodig dan er gewoon niet van te kopen.


uit: The New Earth Times

The Seeds of Prosperity Bring Reality-Changing Abundance!
By Saint Germain

Hello, dear Brothers and Sisters.  I am delighted to be back in action, talking to you through our beloved Kathryn.  We have a long and close friendship, and I am so happy to be rejoining you after having been “in the closet” as Kathryn decreed in her very funny ban on hearing from me until the RV was REAL.  I say funny because it was a) deserved, in a sense, and b) the perfect resolution to a temporarily insoluble problem, which was that we were absolutely certain that the Prosperity Funds were on the way- an open and shut case, a fait accompli, and yet, we truly could not predict to the day when it would unfold.

We learned about this problem with timing again and again, as our best efforts were blocked by the cabal, and yet not permanently blocked, just delayed a bit.  With each delay, we became more and more skillful at shoring up the system – the gauntlet, you might call it, through which your money must flow.  With each obstruction, we learned more about the dark ones and their strategies, and we gained more evidence to be used in court against those who would try to spoil your transition into the New Golden Age.

I for one was not about to let our eons of hard work be defeated by a handful of blustering power-mongers, and I was in good company all along.  The entire Company of Heaven has been working behind the scenes with our behind-the-scenes boots on the ground to revise, revamp, build court cases and repair loopholes so that the promises we made will indeed become reality, and the benefits will truly accrue to the neediest, the Lightest and the most dedicated humanitarian folks on the planet.  We are fine tuning this as we go, and we can truly say to you that the results are going to be 1,000 percent better, safer and more fun than we could have hoped for a year ago.

So you see, we are moving on all fronts.  You are lifting your frequencies every day, and in response, we have more and more dispensation from Mother and Father to Co-create with you to bring a smoother, more gradual and joyful transition than we
could have hoped for in past years.  You can feel the energies moving faster, can you not?  Time has become compressed; you can see the higher dimensions in the color of the leaves on the trees, in the soft winds and the mild days when all seems more luxurious, peaceful and on the edge of expectation.

When you listen to the night sounds, notice the birds calling to you, as they do here outside Kathryn’s window.  A red-winged black-bird calls thanks for the easy foraging that allowed him to raise his brood, now well on their way. Throughout the spring, he came to her window and called loudly if the feeder needed filling, and his many species of bird friends came to celebrate the abundance when she responded immediately with feeders overflowing – enough for everyone, even the squirrels and chipmunks eating together on the ground with the bright red cardinals and cooing doves.  Here all feels plentiful because of the high frequencies in the garden at the foot of the Crystal Mountain.

I hope you are all feeling this abundance, flowing on the wind across the planet. It is a time of restoration, renewal and brand new life for those who are tuned to the winds of change.

Now I wish to turn the focus of this message to another kind of seeds of prosperity – the seeds that provide for you in a different way – the source of your food supply.  I am reminded of this because of the strange occurrence in the garden just outside Kathryn’s window.  In the plot where she had planted a few tomato plants, the compost top dressing apparently contained some squash seeds, which burst into glorious plants, taking over everything else in the section.  Now that the plants have matured, the truth emerges: the plants are producing nothing but male flowers, no female blossoms and therefore no squash.  These were supposed to have been organic squash, and therefore not genetically modified, one would think, but here they are – an abomination by nature’s standards – a plant that cannot reproduce itself.  Who but the dark ones could have thought of such an absurdity as male energy without female fruitfulness?

While many of you went about your daily lives, paying little or no attention to the sources of your food supply, the cabal has done what it does.  It moves in to destroy, undo and change the natural state of things as Mother and Father created them, and they leave behind unfathomable damage.  Anyone who has put a bean into the ground and watched it grow knows that any bean you acquire, if it is near maturity, should be the viable seed of ongoing generations of new plants of its own kind.  But the cabal has decided to change every plant on the Earth to answer to its demand for profits rather than natural abundance.

Any edible plant that cannot reproduce itself naturally is a threat to the survival of humanity, because the trait it carries can be spread to other plants of the same species, making neighboring plants sterile.  Would it sound sensible for any thinking person to agree to a situation in which all the food you eat would be programmed to commit suicide at the end of one growing season, while the sellers and laboratory tinkerers who produced it would profit handsomely?  To make matters even clearer, would it be sensible to pass laws to make it illegal to save seeds from your own produce that would not commit suicide but would continue to produce food for your family and others for generations to come?

Would it make sense to feed these suicidal plants to the animals you then are encouraged to eat, along with the suicidal tendencies they have ingested?  And what about your children, who become more emotionally unstable with every meal?  Is this the price you are willing to pay for “cheap food?”  It is not food, Dear Ones.  It is a low frequency abomination masquerading as food.  Now I ask you.  Is this the “abundance” you were hoping for when you prayed for an end to hunger for humanity?  All you can eat, but it isn’t food.

Now, Beloved Ones, I have a wonderful surprise for you.  Many of you have known that I came to incarnate here in the past in service to Mother and Father God to create great storehouses of wealth in the form of gold, diamonds and other precious metals and jewels for the benefit of humanity.  The time has come now to release the great wealth we have hidden away for a time when it could be given out without the threat that it would be stolen by the same ones who have stolen your birthright – access to nature’s original plan, which was designed according to God’s intention that none of their children should ever go hungry.  You see, seeds are the source of nourishment, abundance, well-being and prosperity far more than money is.

We come now with the answer to your prayers for abundance, for you did not pray just for money, did you?  You prayed for peace, and an end to slavery – even the forms of slavery you were not entirely aware of, like slavery to the credit and debt system that would leave you exhausted by the “rat race” of competitive “free markets”.  You did not realize you were agreeing to a work life in which at any moment your job could be shipped to distant shores.

You did not wish for or envision an office environment where your co-workers would all be a threat to your family’s survival because the job slots are shrinking while the hours are expanding.  In this environment, only the young and single workers can thrive because they still have the energy to compete, and where a real emotional connection to a family has become unsustainable for a hard-working professional.

And now you find that while you were trying to stay afloat, your entire food supply and the water you drink has been stolen out from under your noses.  We are blessed, Beloved Ones, that our Company of Heaven not only saw the dreadful debt slavery humanity was facing.  They also had the foresight to prepare me to come to Earth with a very comprehensive Mission – to help store the resources that would not only free our beloved humans from economic slavery, but would also restore the food supply.

Along with other great Masters and Angels who came here to join me in the great project to provide for our Brothers and Sisters of coming generations, I was charged with storing away those riches that would bring true abundance.  We did not store the riches that would only provide pleasure for those who controlled the food supply and were guaranteed survival.  It would have played into the hands of the cabal if we had overlooked all the natural resources they have attempted to steal.  We stored the means by which humanity will not only survive, but will thrive, because of course, you cannot eat gold.

In our great storehouses of wealth we have placed the greatest treasures of all – enormous repositories of the pure, unadulterated seeds of heirloom plants – the sturdy forbearers of the imitations you have become accustomed to.  The watery, tasteless vegetables and fruits you are used to are another kind of poverty.  They increase rather than satisfy your hunger for real nourishment; they are a paltry substitute for real bounty, the kind of bounty that nourishes your body and your soul.  Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we would not have abandoned you to such lack, such impoverishment.

We will restore your gardens and farmlands to the abundance and glorious foods that were Earth’s true bounty before the Powers That Were tried to commandeer it all.  Think of it, my friends!  You will not only be wealthy!  You will be rich!  Your cup will truly overflow with everything you could possibly need or enjoy.  You will share the bounty as never before in your remembrance.  Your truest wishes will indeed come true.  No one will go hungry.  No child will go to sleep at night without a nutritious dinner.  No elder will despair that they are no longer cared for, because young people will be joyfully curious to know their wisdom and will be delighted to care for their needs. Bounty is contagious.

A new day is truly within reach now, Dearest family of my heart.  The time I have worked for and longed to see is now upon us.  I revel in the joys of seeing the growing Light of hope and unbounded Love awakening and increasing on Planet Earth.

I will be here with you on the morrow, and we will dance down the streets while the musicians and the children rejoice in the freedom and abundance the New Earth brings.  You are “there” now, my dear friends.  Allow the sense of reverence we feel for you and for all Creation to fill your hearts and minds now, as we awaken to the glories our Mother and Father God have in store for us.

I am your St. Germain, and I love you without end.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 3, 2015

Over Annemieke Akker

Als bioloog ben ik in 1988 buitengewoon geïnteresseerd geraakt in de werking van ons menselijk bewustzijn en verruiming daarvan, om als een zo compleet mogelijk mens te kunnen leven, in alle rust en innerlijke vrede. Als ik iets tegenkom wat (mij) helpt obstakels uit de weg te ruimen, fysiek, mentaal of emotioneel, dan deel ik dat heel graag met anderen. Ik hoop dat ook jij er iets aan hebt om verder te komen op je pad!
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