Sleeper Cell Removal

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Sananda and AA Michael: Removing the “Dark Cell” and Cancelling Our Contract

Channeled by Kathryn E. May,  January 28, 2015
Transcribed by Thomas Shramli

Transcription of Sananda’s explanation about how to remove the “Dark Cell”
(0:52 – 1:20:44)

Well, hello, good evening Meg and thank you for that introduction! And, oh yes! We are so thrilled to be here with you to help you with this. You know, we have known how important this is and we have hoped all along that you would understand and would gather together and ask for this help, because of course under the Rules of Universal Law we cannot impose anything upon you, we can’t offer you training that you don’t ask for, we can’t. Especially this, because it was an ancient contract, and it was understood when the Council designed…

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Over Annemieke Akker

As of 1988 I have been working with people who truly wish to be WHOLE/HEALED and wish to start living from their Essence. And in life encounter things that help to make a leap in consciousness or are wholesome for body and mind. The information I find most interesting and the stories that I want to share, are published on this blog.
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