Gemakkelijke methode om van negatief denken los te komen

In deze chaotische tijden is het niet zo gemakkelijke om niet in negativiteit verzeild te raken en deze te blijven voeden met je eigen gedachten en emoties en energie en daar vervolgens in te blijven steken. He behoeft geen nadere toelichting dat dit in het geheel niet helpt om jezelf beter te voelen of de wereld te helpen. ELK hulpmiddel om hieruit te komen en ervoor te zorgen dat je er niet meer in terecht komt is wat mij betreft welkom.
Zo ook deze gemakkelijke methode om nou juist DAT te DOEN.
Hartelijke groet en heel veel succes!
To Be Used In Conjunction With Book “WHO NEEDS LIGHT?”
By Dr. Kathryn E. May


Begin your day with Visual Centering/Meditation. This is what we call setting our Pillar – connection with our Higher Self, Mother Earth, and Prime Creator.

During this time state your mantra for the day, for instance:

    “All my thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in alignment with my ascension.”

    “I intend to be in complete alignment with my Higher Self.”

Find more mantras on the website under Harmonic Ascension Meditations


Be in tune with your body, thoughts, and feelings (physical, mental, and emotional bodies) as you go throughout the day.

Signs of discomfort mean there is something to investigate.


As you are being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations you notice discomfort. This discomfort can take the form of uncomfortable thoughts like “my co-worker’s a jerk” and “my kids are lazy”; uncomfortable feelings like “irritation” and “embarrassment”; and uncomfortable body sensations like increased heart rate and muscle tension.

Remember there is no blame or shame, no reason to feel bad; be grateful it’s coming up to be cleared. Know that it is the dark thoughtform surfacing (being triggered) providing you the opportunity to clear it.

Tap into the feeling by amplifying it. You may find multiple feelings coming up (use the Feelings Inventory list if needed). Write each one down.

Take your Higher Self and Guides with you. Identify the feeling with the strongest emotion. Follow this feeling thread back to the earliest time you can remember feeling it. (Put it on location. The people, the incident.) This is usually in childhood (The Original Template).

This uncomfortable feeling exposes the dark thoughtform.  This is how you were programmed to believe you are something other than your True Nature, “I am separate,” “I am unworthy,” “I am unlovable” and “I am not enough.”  In Truth, you are Pure Light, Love, and Innocence.


The Ho’oponopono prayer is a simple, elegant Hawaiian prayer that when spoken with heartfelt intent corrects the dark thoughtform, and allows us to be in tune with our True Nature. The prayer is as follows: “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

Continue Visually Centering, call in your Guides, offer the Ho’oponopono prayer to the Original Template and feel it dissolve and correct. Then say it for each replication of the thoughtform up to the present triggering situation.


Even though your clearings are for personal growth, they are experienced on a planetary level by all of humanity.

By asking your Higher Self and the Company of Heaven to amplify your clearing with their love and higher dimensional energies, it will solidify the clearing of these dark thoughtforms on the planetary level at the speed of light!!!

 “I AM Love”, “I AM Light” and “I AM God.”

Repeat the entire sequence whenever something troublesome arises.  You are on your way to Higher Dimensions!



FEELINGS AND NEEDS INVENTORY LIST – Sourced from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg,  See next email

Now, here’s how to apply what you have learned above!

The following example is a clear demonstration of how you can use the flow chart method of uncovering and clearing dark thoughtforms, for yourself, or for someone who has expressed a willingness to resolve old feelings in order to move toward Enlightenment.

Yes, you can try this at home!   – Kathryn

Case Study 1: Enlightenment Training and Dark Thought Form Clearing

Meg Davis, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist, Atlanta, GA

I am sharing this as a true life example of the application of the Enlightenment Training process of clearing dark thought forms we are being guided to do by The Company of Heaven, and are modeling and discussing on the Wednesday evening Blog Talk Radio program Channel Panel.

To reinforce the importance of this work we have agreed to do, Sananda stated,

“If you’re in the state where you’re blaming others for how bad you feel…you are not in a state of ascension. You are generating dark thoughtforms. Now this is a difficult challenge because you’ve been raised this way. This is the way everyone has behaved around you and toward you, but we are telling you Beloved Ones: it is a program. The problem is the thoughtforms, the brainwashing… If it’s a program, Beloveds, it is not you!…You are made for Light. You are made for Love.”
(, 5 D Community & Sananda Jesus November 26, 2014, linked above.)

Case Study 1: Gloria and Clearing Feelings of Inadequacy

(Please note that the client’s name has been changed)

Gloria sought out my support one month ago with a main complaint of tenderness and swelling in left breast lymph area.  She expresses having a mild fear about the possible diagnosis of what that could be, but intuitively feels the issue is an infection backed up in the lymph area, since her whole shoulder is achy.  After further discussion, I agree with her self-assessment, beginning her on herbs for infection and inflammation, and ask her to follow-up in one month.  It is during the follow-up appointment that the Enlightenment training program is used, and I will be sharing this from a first person perspective.

At the follow-up appointment, she shares that the tenderness and swelling are much improved, but hasn’t completely cleared.  In my previous experiences, infections clear quickly and thoroughly with these herbs, so I suspect an emotional component to the physical symptoms she is experiencing.  I ask if she would be willing to investigate the possibility of unresolved emotional issues preventing her complete healing.  She agrees. We begin with questions of any uncomfortable feelings in any of her current relationships albeit with spouse, children, friends, or co-workers.   She mentions a relationship with a co-worker that is strained.

I ask what she feels when she interacts with the co-worker, suggesting she use the “Feelings Inventory” list (attached below). She said the co-worker “made her feel inadequate.”   I express to her that no one can “make” us feel anything without our agreement; that we, alone, are completely responsible for how we feel. So the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts within her are already there and are being brought to the surface (triggered) by her interactions with the co-worker.  This is a new concept for her, so we explore it further.

Now this next part is very important to get before we proceed. Gloria is NOT inadequate.  In truth, Gloria and all of us are Pure Light, unconditionally loved and adored by our Higher Selves, The Company of Heaven and Creator.  So if Gloria is feeling inadequate, it is the feeling elicited by the dark thought form she was programmed with and still carries, probably from childhood.  Once she is conscious of the dark thought form, we can clear it and assist Gloria in remembering Who She Really Is… Pure Light and Love.

Here are some examples of the dark thought forms from the programming/brainwashing:

“I am wrong”
“I am unworthy”
“I am separate”
“I am unlovable”
“Children should be seen and not heard”
“Love is conditional”

These dark thoughts can be conveyed verbally or implied by parents, school, television/media, religion and other parts of our culture.

OK…back to Gloria… We discuss how inadequacy is not what she is and is not part of her natural state of being. We talk about how gratifying it can be when we uncover “something not of our making” to clear it away from our experience, so that we can return to our natural state of happiness, joy and peace.
Once we identify the uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy, I ask her to close her eyes and trace this feeling back through her life and locate the first time she ever remembers feeling “inadequate.”

She quickly references, with teary eyes, her mother telling her as a little girl (maybe 6 or 7) that she will never “measure up” to her brothers, and discusses the continuous comparisons to her brothers all throughout her childhood and teenage years.  I ask if she can remember what she was feeling at that time as a child. She said, “I felt very hurt and sad and confused.”  She remembers continually trying to prove herself to her mother.  She tells the story of going to college and graduating summa cum laude in her class and thinking,  “See there! I did it!”… still attempting to prove her worth and value to her mother/parents.

We discuss how these experiences contributed to the dark thoughts of “I am worthless, I am inadequate, I am not enough.”  And because these thoughts were not corrected in her childhood, she took them with her when she left home, and carries them around still.  And now it is coming up as an opportunity to correct it and be done with it!

Note: Remember her chief complaint, breast swelling and immune imbalances… We can see the connection between toxic breasts and toxic emotions about her mother and breast problems with heart chakra imbalances.

After we locate the original template (the first memory) of the dark thought form, I ask Gloria to look around that time of her life with “young Gloria” as much as she feels OK doing to make sure she has time to really look at the variations of this thought form and uncomfortable feelings she experienced.  This is not long, just about 10 minutes or so.  This allows “young Gloria” to be heard in a way that she wasn’t as a child.  I suggest standing with herself as a child as she experiences these feelings and telling her she is listening and feeling with her as an adult in charge of the situation.

By doing this, Gloria can tell herself as a child that she is more than adequate, in fact, she is Pure Light and perfect and innocent.  We can see that this is programming done to her by an abusive mother who is in pain herself and taking it out on her child.  I tell Gloria there is a powerful prayer she can use here to completely clear away the uncomfortable feelings and correct the thought forms originally given to her by her mother.

Ho’oponopono Prayer

Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  It is comprised of 4 powerful, and simple phrases:
“I am sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Ho’oponopono means to make right. Essentially, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships, especially with yourself.

“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”
–  By Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au. She was recognized by the State of Hawaii as a Living Treasure in 1983.

Once forgiveness has been offered to the original situation, and Gloria feels a completion there, I ask her to see if she can locate the feeling of inadequacy, and the partnering dark thought forms, that she brought forward with her from that original template.  As she travels through her memories from her childhood to present day, she can find many instances of the thread of this type of feeling.  I ask her to offer the Ho’ oponopono Prayer to each incident she can find, with the deepest feelings with her whole heart and soul.

Gloria states that she is finding it easier to do the prayer and feels the dark thought forms clearing as she moves close to present day.  And, then, she hits strong emotions when she recalls a particular memory: the delivery of her daughter who was still-born, having died just two weeks before she was due. The umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck in the womb.  I allow time for Gloria to connect with the feelings of this experience, and breathe.  She says she is experiencing tremendous sadness and guilt.

There is a part of her that knows she is not to blame for the death of her daughter, but still she feels guilt.  I ask her to see how this is similar to the feelings she experienced as a child: “I am wrong.  I am not good enough.  I don’t measure up.  I am inadequate.”  She offers the Ho’ oponopono Prayer for the experience, and cries a few more tears of release.

We bring it full circle to the uncomfortable feelings between her and the co-worker.  She sees now this dark thought form pattern is replicating from the original template from childhood, and understands how the feelings of inadequacy and coupled dark thought forms are not who she is, but a program placed in her child brain, and now it can be completely healed and permanently cleared.

She expresses astonishment about the connection between her situation with her co-worker and her mother, but totally “gets it.”  She tells me that during the tracing of the feelings back through her life she experienced pain in her breast, and a throbbing.  But now, nothing.  She says that she can see the connection and it “intuitively makes SO much sense.”

I jot down the Enlightenment process in bullet points and suggest she use it for any and all uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that arise.  She now sees that, even though she is experiencing these feeling fresh in the Now, their roots lay in her childhood…and they can be looked at, dissolved and released “for good, “literally!

Link for Channel Panel Blogtalkradio Program: 5D COMMUNITY & SANANDA JESUS

This Case Study is to be used in conjunction with the book, Who Needs Light? by Dr. Kathryn E. May and the “Enlightenment Training & Support, Clearing Dark Thoughtforms Flowchart”


will be included in next email.   –  Kathryn

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