Made of Star Stuff

Oneness is the opposite of separatism. An older energy has Humans deciding who they are and then separating themselves from others. They categorize themselves and put themselves in groups. Is that an attribute of God? Would Spirit be like that? Would the creator of the Universe decide to put you apart from the others? You are a perfect creation, and so is the one next to you and next to you and next to you and next to you [Kryon points to the audience sitting in front of him]. This goes beyond the concept of “Love your neighbor.” It means that you are made of the same star stuff as they are!

From Kryon Live Channel, “J.O.P.B”
September 2014 in Basel, Switzerland

Over Annemieke Akker

As of 1988 I have been working with people who truly wish to be WHOLE/HEALED and wish to start living from their Essence. And in life encounter things that help to make a leap in consciousness or are wholesome for body and mind. The information I find most interesting and the stories that I want to share, are published on this blog.
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