Recipe for Non Violent Action

Recipe for Non Violent Action

Whenever you have a problem with a person or a situation, be it your loved ones, a neighbor, or on a larger scale, war, a company or your government, the only way you can solve it permanently is non violent action.

Here is a text intended to help you focus your attention and energy in such love and peace that the energy of that person or situation will be brought in the frequency of love and peace. This is the only way the ones involved can change their attitude to one, more in harmony with the Whole.

The document should fit on one page:


AUM Shanti – peace IS here

Over Annemieke Akker

As of 1988 I have been working with people who truly wish to be WHOLE/HEALED and wish to start living from their Essence. And in life encounter things that help to make a leap in consciousness or are wholesome for body and mind. The information I find most interesting and the stories that I want to share, are published on this blog.
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