Complete Amnesty is the Key to Full Openness

Complete Amnesty is the Key to Full Openness

Humanity has reached the point in time, where the choice for destroying life on our beautiful planet or not doing so has become highly (f)actual. Many of us, if not all, want a world with an abundance of healthy food, clean water, clean air, where everyone can enjoy  a life in love, peace and harmony.

Many are more or less actively engaged in fighting excesses in our society and putting pressure on companies and governments, that either knowingly or not put (too) heavy a strain on our environment and endanger our health and the health of all living beings,  for  personal financial gain and/or power.

However, whatever you feed with your energy, grows. In the end fighting something or someone gives more struggle. And yet we cannot agree with what is happening on and with the planet, because our natural habitat is being destroyed.

So what can we do? How are we going to solve this? How can we solve this?

This is the very question that has kept me busy for over 20 years. And today I read something that might mark the turning point in where we are heading at, fast. The idea is not new, it has been carried out by Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. They named it non violent resistance. It was non violent resistance that had a profound impact on the social processes in their countries, it was non violent resistance that caused the huge and lasting success of their actions and changed the lives of millions of people. And it will be non violent resistance that will permanently solve the tremendous problems facing us today.

Mandela very succinctly put into words what he actually did in South Africa. He said the only way to end apartheid, the only way to achieve a shift in power in South Africa was to get the white people to let go their fear. And he got them to do that by convincing them no harm would come to them would they give up their power. After his release from prison, it took five years before the shift in power could occur. The only thing Mandela did during those five years was convince the people in charge that no harm would be done to them and that the white population would run no risk, whatsoever.

And I do believe that THIS is the key for releasing ourselves from the impasse we are all in, sinking away deeper and deeper. And the key is called “general amnesty”.

To explain the what and why of this key here is an excerpt from a book, written by Paul Hellyer, called “Light at the End of the Tunnel”. Mr. Hellyer at some point in his book quotes Jim Sparks, a man who many times has had contacts with various groups of extra-terrestrials.

During one of these meetings, Mr Sparks is first personally addressed by a group of extra-terrestrials who for a while are consulting amongst themselves telepathically, and then tell him:

“ We would have given it [the knowledge, A.] to you, but we knew it wouldn’t have meant anything unless you earned it. …

And then he receives the following information:

“ There are some things you need to understand.

“ Yes, it is true that we have been in contact with your government and heads of power.

“ It is also true that agreements have been made and kept secret from your people. It is also true that in the past some of your people have lost their lives or have been badly hurt to protect this secret.

“ Our hands had no part in this.

“ We contacted your leaders because your planet is in grave trouble. Your leaders said the vast majority of your population wasn’t ready for anything like us yet, so we made the time agreements with your leaders as to when your people would be made aware of our presence. This part of the agreement has not at all been kept.

“ It was also agreed that in the meantime steps would be taken to correct the environmental conditions of your planet with our advice and technology. We say “advice” because we respect the fact that this is your planet, not ours. They also broke this agreement.”

Upon having said this a wave of emotions emanates from these beings – the feeling of abandonment. And then Jim Sparks asks them “if they are giving up on us”.

After a long silent pause they say: “No”.

And continue:

“ Your air, your water, are contaminated.

“ Your forests, jungles, trees and plant life are dying.

“ There are several breaks in your food chain.

“ You have an overwhelming amount of nuclear and biological weapons, which include nuclear and biological contamination.

“ Your planet is overpopulated.

“ Warning: it is almost the point of being too late, unless your people act.

“ There are better ways of deriving energy and food needs without causing your planet any damage.

“ Those in power are aware of this and have the capability of putting these methods into worldwide use.

Jim Sparks asks why we are not doing that right now. Their answer is:

“ Those in power view it as a military and security threat.”

And then Jim Sparks asks, quite upset by their last answer: “You mean to tell me the people in power have the ability to save and better this planet, and they aren’t doing it?”


Jim Sparks  asks them what they mean. And they continue:


And after that some personal information is given to Jim Sparks.

From the time I was listening to the “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure”, which can still be viewed on until the end of May, there has been a note on my desk about why the U.S. government keeps its contacts with aliens a secret and continues to deny that UFOs actually exist. That note reads as follows: “It is power and greed, it is not national security.”  As long as the U.S. government maintains its position in this, humanity threatens to stay devoid of solutions for problems that jeopardise the survival of life on Planet Earth.

And the only way to enable leaders in positions of power, be it in government or business, not only in America but in the end everywhere, to make them change their mind on this and speak out, is COMPLETE AMNESTY. The only thing required is that the ones, responsible for the state of affairs, let go of their fears. And the only ones who can help them reach this point are we, the people.

Please think about this profoundly. And if you recognize the logic in this way of thinking, please contact me so we can join our forces to get this into the world, so together we can start acting accordingly, us, the people, the inhabitants and guardians of this beautiful planet, our Planet Earth.

AUM Shanti – Peace IS here.

© 2013 Centre for Inner Peace (NL)

You are very welcome to distribute this information as long as no money is being requested for this service and the source of the information is included.

Over Annemieke Akker

As of 1988 I have been working with people who truly wish to be WHOLE/HEALED and wish to start living from their Essence. And in life encounter things that help to make a leap in consciousness or are wholesome for body and mind. The information I find most interesting and the stories that I want to share, are published on this blog.
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